Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Oscars Best Dressed 2016

The Oscars 2016

Here are a couple of my my hi-lights of the night along with, of course, the best and worst looks from Hollywoods most talked about night! 
A serious shoutout goes to my school-girl crush, Leo, for not only finally bringing home an Oscar, but for giving an incredibly moving speech. He touched on some real environmental issues that effect each and everyone of us. Thank you Leo, for not only being a babe, but for trying to make a difference for all of humanity. 
Also, Lady Gaga is a superstar. That was such a powerful performance which seemed to move so many to tears. Her braveness and the braveness of the people who came out at the end to stand alongside her showcases something so much more than movies, glitz & glam, but issues near and far.
And now onto the outfits! We have our 3 worst and best dressed ladies!

Worst Dressed #3

Costume Designer Jacqueline West was nominated for The Revenant. I think it was a combination of things that bothered me, putting her in my least favourite lineup. The shapelessness of the dress, the BAGGY middle, the shoulder cutout and three quarter baggy sleeves... But mostly the slip sticking out the bottom and the seam on said slip which seemed unpolished.

Worst Dressed #2

Reese Witherspoon in Oscar de la Renta 

The lovely Reese Witherspoon was wearing a horribly fitted strapless dress with an awful and super awkward bow on top of her ASSets  

Worst Dressed #1

Heidi Klum in Marchesa

Heidi Klum looks like a 5 year old fairy princess. The fabric is one element that I actually appreciate, but not in combination with the one sleeve floral and ruffle details. The entire bust area actually has me at a loss... a little bit of a craft project gone bad and maybe a LITTLE glam?

Best Dressed #3

Charlize Theron in Dior 

The colour, the front, the back, the accessories. She looks beautiful (and makes me want to run to the gym and do a back workout or 5)! 

Best Dressed #2 

Cate Blanchett in Armani Prive. 

This mint shade is Cate's COLOUR!! Her waist is perfectly cinched. The colour is perfect on her. The texture is interesting but doesn't take away from the look at all. BEAUTY QUEEN!

Best Dressed #1

Jennifer Lawrence in Dior

I literally don't even have words. Jennifer Lawrence is flawless in Dior. I love the contrast of the ruffled bottom and the slickness of the bustier styled top. The neutral nudes and blacks are so simple that it has symmetry. I am in LOVE with her look!

What do you think? Were the Oscars memorable? What outfits were your favourite? What were some of your most memorable moments? Let us know in the comments below!

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